Why and How I Use Fasted Cardio to Lose Fat as Quickly as Possible

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Can fasted cardio help you lose fat faster? Does it accelerate muscle loss? Should you do it? You’ll learn the answers in this article.

Whether you enjoy cardio or not, you probably know that it helps you lose fat faster.

On the other hand, you also probably know that doing too much cardio makes it harder to make muscle and strength gains.

Therefore, the more you care about your body composition, the more you might wonder how you can reduce the “minimum effective dose” of cardio required to get the bod you really want.

In other words, how can you reach your fitness goals while doing as little cardio as possible?

Many people say fasted cardio is the ticket because it burns significantly more fat than non-fasted cardio.

It’s also commonly claimed that fasted cardio is particularly helpful for eliminating the “stubborn” fat covering your stomach, love handles, and lower back (men), and butt, thighs, and hips (women).

And then there are those that disagree. Fasted cardio does not help you lose fat faster, they proclaim, and actually makes it harder to get the body you really want by accelerating muscle loss and making your workouts a lot harder than they need to be.

Who’s right?

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