What Happens When You Place an Ice Cube on Your Neck

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It’s normal for humans to wish to stay younger for as long as possible. We keep searching for modern remedies to stay youthful but we shouldn’t forget about old ones that work just as well. Acupuncture and ice therapy have been used for centuries and may help with various conditions.

Our team is interested in learning about alternative ways to stay healthy and decided to share information about the Feng Fu point and ice therapy with all of you. Be sure not to miss our bonus tip at the end of the article.

How to place ice on the Feng Fu point

What Happens When You Place an Ice Cube on Your Neck

Lie on your stomach and get comfortable. Place an ice cube on the point and leave it for 15-20 minutes, but no more. Relax during the procedure. Professional acupuncturists recommend doing this twice a day.

Also, you can fix the ice cube with a scarf or other materials. Don’t worry if you feel strong cold for the first few seconds. Just hang in there and you’ll begin to feel the heat.

Don’t forget to consult your doctor before trying ice therapy or acupuncture.

What happens when you place an ice cube on your neck

What Happens When You Place an Ice Cube on Your Neck

Chinese traditional medicine says that a combination of the Feng Fu point and ice therapy may rejuvenate the entire body. Stimulating this point with an ice cube may help you to get more energy and consequently be more healthy. Sounds amazing! Simply place an ice cube on the Feng Fu point every day.

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