We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, Here Are The Results

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Tip #13: Chew everything 40 times.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: The longer we chew, the more time there is for our brain to realize we are full. Dieticians say that 40 is the optimal number of chewing motions.

What happened: This is an old method, and my grandma told me about it. And it partly works. Of course, I didn’t manage to chew 40 times because after this there was no food left to chew, but I did end up eating less. Maybe I just got tired of chewing so much.

Our verdict: Works, to an extent.

Tip #14: Use a smaller plate.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: This is considered an effective way to lose weight. The trick is to fill up a plate taking its size into account, so with a smaller plate one will take and eat less.

What happened: The same amount of food looks entirely different on plates of different sizes. When using a big plate, I feel like I’ve eaten like a bird; a small one makes me think I’m eating like a horse. In the end, I didn’t even finish the salad.

Our verdict: This works!


Previously, I thought that eating healthy meant greatly reducing your meal options. Saying no to fatty, sweet, and fried foods! Eating only vegetables. Boiled vegetables. I had to withstand hunger, stick to broccoli, and drink water. But the effect of such a diet is not lasting, and the practice is not good for one’s emotional health. All of us crave something from time to time, and not cutting ourselves some slack is brutal.

It is true that to be healthy one should focus on unprocessed foods and drink water if possible, but it turns out that some nonstandard tips and tricks work too, perhaps letting us have that ice cream a bit more often! I will definitely use some of the methods I tried for this article. Please don’t blindly follow my verdicts, though, as something that didn’t work for me might well work for you.

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