We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, Here Are The Results

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Tip #7: Dine in twilight.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: Here is a tip popular from Europe. During a meal in a darker space, we don’t notice how much food is left on our plate and end up eating exactly as much as we need.

What happened: To me, eating in semidarkness appeared festive and almost like a ritual. Enjoying the atmosphere, I ate more slowly. I savored the food and got fuller faster.

Our verdict: This works but possibly for another reason.

Tip #8: Choose foods that are digested more slowly.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: Dishes approximately equal by weight or number of calories could take a different amount of time to digest. For example, sometimes in the morning it’s better to have eggs than oatmeal. This will help you stay full until lunch.

What happened: I digest morning oatmeal quickly, and hunger returns in an hour. An omelet, however, “lasted” much longer, maybe because there is more fat in it. Thanks to that, I felt good and didn’t have to snack until lunch.

Our verdict: It’s better to eat eggs than oatmeal for breakfast. Will experiment with other options.

Tip #9: Dress up for meals.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: When eating while dressed up, we subconsciously behave more formally. We are neater, we eat slower, and we chew more diligently. Plus, a tight dress won’t let us overeat.

What happened: It’s true. When wearing a nice dress you constantly worry about staining it. Moreover, you try to sit straight and eat carefully. As a result, I ate quite little but got quite full.

Our verdict: Works great! But then again, the time it takes to dress up…

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