We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks, Here Are The Results

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Tip #1: Drink water before a meal.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: 15 to 20 minutes before eating, drink a glass of water at room temperature. Water fills you up and doesn’t let you eat a lot. You also burn calories warming the water up to body temperature.

What happened: I managed to trick my stomach for maybe 10 minutes, after which the hunger returned, and I ate no less than usual.

Our verdict: #nope

Tip #2: Aromatherapy.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: While cooking, the appetite might decrease or disappear completely because smells deceive our brain into thinking we are full. This is why aromatherapists recommend inhaling smells of apples, mint, or vanilla when dieting.

What happened: The intense smell of aroma oil really does reduce the appetite but not for long. After half an hour, the hunger returns stronger than before.

Our verdict: This does work but not for long.

Tip #3: Brush your teeth instead of eating dessert.

We Tested 14 Popular Weight Loss Tricks

What to do: Another way to fight a craving is to brush your teeth instead of eating. Feeling the menthol of the toothpaste in your mouth, your brain gets a signal that the meal is over.

What happened: Exactly what was promised, as strange as that was. Even if there was a pang of hunger, going for lunch wasn’t on my mind for another hour or two. That is because, for me, brushing my teeth is associated with the end of a day and going to sleep.

Our verdict: This works.

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