These 21 Healthcare Hacks Can Save You Thousands in Medical Expenses

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17. Bundle Your Costs

Once you’ve reached your deductible in one year, consider scheduling any covered, elective procedures to also take place that year. That way, you can potentially avoid having to pay the full deductible in two consecutive years.

18. Deduct Your Medical Expenses

You qualify to write off your medical expenses on your taxes if these costs are more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Qualified expenses include premiums, fertility treatments and hearing aids, among other costs.

19. Go To Labs for Blood Work

If your doctor orders blood work or other lab tests, first ask whether they’re medically necessary. If so, get the work done in a standalone lab, where prices tend to be lower than what you’d pay in a hospital or at some doctors’ offices.

Asking your doctor for a written lab order and taking it to a national laboratory group, rather than an in-hospital lab facility, could score you lab test savings of up to 90%, according to a 2014 study by healthcare consultant group Castlight Health.

20. Strategize With Your Spouse

If both you and your partner have access to health benefits at work, compare the plans offered by both companies. Find out which one offers the richest benefits at the best price for your family, and whether you might be able to save money by being insured separately.

21. Move Somewhere Cheaper

The cost of getting insurance via the Affordable Care Act marketplaces varies drastically depending on where you live. In Iowa, for example, a silver plan can come with a $1,001 per month premium in 2018, according to an Avalere Health analysis. A similar plan in New Hampshire, by contrast, costs $694 per month this year.

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