The Cleanest Dog Breeds You Can Own

If you think it’s impossible to be a clean freak and own a dog, think again. Some of the dogs on this list are so clean, they clean themselves like cats. Read on to find the absolute cleanest dog breeds you can own.

1. Bedlington terrier

Bedlington terriers are considered clean dogs due to their lack of shedding and great trainability. If you want a cuddly, sheep-like companion who doesn’t shed, look no further than a Bedlington terrier. As the AKC describes them, they’re graceful terriers in sheep’s clothing.

2. Chow chows

Chow chows are often regarded as one of the cleanest dog breeds because they housebreak easily, have very little doggy odor, and just generally like to keep their areas very clean. Keep in mind, though, that at certain points in the year, they do shed more than others.

3. Basenji

The basenji breed is particular about its self-grooming habits, making it one of the cleanest dogs you can own. Partially because they like to keep themselves clean, they don’t require much help from their human companions. The shorthaired breed typically just needs regular cleaning with a “hound glove” or mitt, as the breed lacks that signature doggy odor.

4. Japanese Chin

Japanese Chins are so clean that you might catch one cleaning itself like a cat (they can get hairballs). To keep their feet clean, they’ll even lick their paws. They’re very intelligent and make great companions. “The Japanese Chin also tends to be a quiet housemate, but agile and playful when it wants to be, much like a cat,” says PetMD.

5. American hairless terrier

American Hairless Terriers make the list because they’re one of the few dogs that experience virtually no shedding. AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo even describes these dogs as “clean and neat.” Though, just because they don’t shed doesn’t mean they don’t come with their own set of issues. Because they don’t have any fur to protect them against the elements (the sun especially), they often experience the same skin issues as people.

6. Greyhound

Greyhounds make the list for their docile nature in the home. Though they love to run around when they’re outside, when they’re inside, they love to just lie around with their family. “Greyhounds are generally very tidy and neat,” says DiNardo.

7. Poodle

Poodles are great for clean freaks or people with allergies because of their non-shedding, hypoallergenic coats. Because they’re intelligent and very family friendly, they also tend to not destroy the homes they live in.

“The Poodle’s coat is so sought-after that the breed is one of the most popular to cross with other breeds, spawning oodles of Poodle hybrids,” says PetMD.

8. Whippet

Whippets are another clean dog due to their short, fine coats that don’t shed too badly. They also don’t give off a doggy odor. If they have plenty of exercise outside throughout the day, when they’re relaxing at home, they make pretty docile companions.

9. Xoloitzcuintli

Xoloitzcuintlis are another clean dog because of their tidy, short coats (sometimes this breed is hairless). As far as their behavior goes, they’re calm companions who only need moderate exercise. They’re not going to be running around your home tearing up your furniture by any means.

10. Bichon frise

Bichon frises are adorable, happy little dogs with big personalities. They make the list because their grooming is quite easy. According to DogTime, these pups experience minimal shedding, hardly drool, and they’re low-maintenance to groom at home.

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