Robin Mcgraw Cosmetic Surgery

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery (Facelift, Botox, Eyebrow)

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Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery: Robin McGraw (nee Jameson) is an American author, entrepreneur, and television personality. After marrying Dr. Phil McGraw, she was immediately famous. The couple also appeared on numerous talk shows after their marriage.

A young and vibrant-looking woman, McGraw has been pursuing her career path by writing two New York Times bestsellers, “Inside My Heart” and “From My Heart To Yours,” both New York Times bestsellers. McGraw is also a board member of several charities that help children and women suffering from domestic abuse and other issues.

Today, we’re not talking about the beautiful lady’s fame and achievements, but about something that her fans are always curious about. Is it nature or a doctor’s trick that gives her her youthful appearance?

Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

robin mcgraw cosmetic surgery
Robin Mcgraw Cosmetic Surgery

You’ll be able to tell which Robin McGraw product is if you compare her before and after photos. Robin McGraw Revelation is her skincare line. It’s no surprise that she would have beautiful skin. It’s pretty shocking to see her in her 30s as she nears her 70s.

Experts believe McGraw has had some skin tweaks. McGraw’s cheeks are noticeably different than before. Experts believe she has had fillers in her skin. She’s asked about the following cosmetic procedures: Botox, lower and upper facelifts, cheekbone filler, fat grafting, Botox, and eyebrow lift.

Robin Mcgraw Eyebrow Transplant

Robin McGraw said that she was always wary of her appearance and her lackluster eyebrows for many years. She tweezed her eyebrows a lot, and they never grew back. This is why she chose to have it done immediately after learning about it.

In her podcast, “I’ve Got a Secret!” the 66-year old confirmed that her fans had speculated. Robin McGraw. Dr. Marc Dauer, a hair restoration specialist, performed the surgery.

This minimally invasive procedure transformed Robin. The doctor took a small amount of Robin’s scalp and used the follicles extracted to graft her eyebrows. The hair cannot be taken from the patient or her identical twins to complete the procedure.

The best-selling author was open about her beauty enhancement procedure and how it helped boost confidence.

If it brings peace and confidence to someone, it is possible to accept it positively. Robin has confirmed her eyebrow-filler procedure as of right now.

Did she really only have an eyebrow transplant? What about other cosmetic surgery procedures like facelift, Botox, nose job, lip fillers, and cheek implants?

Let’s see what experts say about other procedures of Robin Mcgraw plastic surgery.

Robin Mcgraw Facelift, Botox, Cheeks Filler

Robin Mcgraw Face Surgery
Robin Mcgraw Facelift

Board-certified facial surgeons Dr. Andrew Miller and Dr. Vartan Martirossian, a renowned facial feminization specialist and facial plastic surgeon, gave an exclusive interview to insight into Robin and possible procedures that could alter her appearance.

“Whatever she has done, it was done well so it is not obvious! She’s possibly gotten an upper and lower [face lift], cheekbones fillers or fat grafting or cheek implants,” Dr. Mardirossian told Closer. Dr. Miller added, “It doesn’t look like she has had much [work done]. Possibly some fillers to enhance the cheeks because they are a bit fuller and Botox to the forehead because the brows are a bit lower — Botox can weaken the forehead muscles, causing the brow to drop a bit.”

For your information, in a previous interview, Robin denied rumors she had gone under the knife and instead attributed her youthful appearance to Robin McGraw Revelation, her anti-aging skincare line.

“When I started [developing the products], I knew I wanted something that would be easy to use and that worked. I’ve had many people over the years ask what I do to take care of my skin, so I wanted to create the same regime that works for me and that I believed in,”

Dr. Phils Wife Plastic Surgery: Nose Job and Lips Filler

Everyone agrees that Robin Mcgraw’s face is ageless, but many of her fans are still curious about the possibilities for her getting a nose job and lips filler injection.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery: Nose Job

To answer whether or not Dr. Phil’s Wife has been under the knife for rhinoplasty and lips injection, we have compared before and after photos. The result? Let’s see the pictures below!

Robin Mcgraw Face Surgery

If you carefully compare the before and after photos, you will see that her nose has changed dramatically. Her nose used to be very large and slightly fat. It has become much slimmer.

Robin Mcgraw’s nose is also a little higher than before, suggesting that she may have had rhinoplasty surgery.


The bizarre changes in her tip and nasal bridge are apparent. There are strong indications that she might have changed her nose layout.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery: Lips Filler

Robin Mcgraw Age Plastic Surgery
Robin Mcgraw Surgery: Lips Filler?

Besides her nose, she was also accused of filling her lips with lip fillers. Robin Mcgraw’s lips are more prominent than ever if you compare them to the past. People believe that her lips looked larger and fuller after she used lip fillers. The result of a successful lip filler injection is reflected in her puffy lips.

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Robin Mcgraw Before Plastic Surgery

Are you wondering what Robin Mcgraw looked like before plastic surgery? Take a look at the following pictures!


The only procedure of cosmetic surgery that Robin Mcgraw admitted is eyebrow transplant. The other surgical procedures such as nose job, facelift, botox, lips filler, and cheeks implant are still unconfirmed.

Regardless of whether or not she had been under the knife for other plastic surgery procedures beyond eyebrow transplant, The appearance of Dr. Phil’s wife looks gorgeous. It does not reflect her age, 67 years old.

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