Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

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3. Heart problems

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

In several forms of muscular dystrophy, progressive changes in the functioning of the heart may occur. These changes are called cardiomyopathy and you may have no symptoms of it at an early stage, although some people experience shortness of breath, tiredness, or leg swelling.

However, due to this disorder, your heart muscle can’t work as perfectly as it’s supposed to work. That’s why you may acquire symptoms such as an irregular heartbeat, fainting, and dizziness with time.

2. Cataracts

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

In addition to muscle wasting, people who have myotonic dystrophy often suffer from various eye problems. These problems include weakness in the eye muscles, weepy eyes, low eye pressure, and cataracts.

cataract is the most common sign of muscular dystrophy. It refers to a clouding of the lens inside your eye and typically leads to blurry vision, faded colors, trouble with bright lights, and night vision problems.

1. Balding and infertility in men

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

Some men with myotonic dystrophy also go through hormonal changes. Such a hormonal imbalance typically causes early balding in the front part of a man’s scalp that often develops during their 20s or 30s.

The endocrine disorder may also cause impotence and testicular atrophy in men. As a rule, this condition leads to infertility, or the inability to have children.

Bonus: How to treat muscular dystrophy?

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

Although there is no actual cure for muscular degeneration, you can still do some simple things to keep your muscles strong and healthy:

  • Exercise regularly. Since your muscles go through the process of gradual weakening, one of the best ways to slow it down is to work out on a daily basis. Regular low-intensity physical activities and stretching will help you stimulate your body and build muscles naturally.
  • Eat more foods that are rich in vitamins E and D. If you suffer from muscular weakness, eat more salmon, sardines, shrimp, cheese, eggs, almonds, avocados, broccoli, and olive oil.
  • Use turmeric powder when cooking. This old Indian spice with a powerful compound called curcumin may be useful in preventing and treating muscle wasting.
  • Drink green tea instead of other beverages. According to some studies, drinking about 7 cups of green tea per day may help slow down the deterioration of muscle tissue by combating oxidative stress in your muscles.
  • Add baking soda to your bath. Due to its alkaline nature, this substance can protect your muscles and remove aches, pains, and inflammation in them.

If you noticed any of these symptoms, the first thing you should do is see your doctor.

Do you know any ways treat muscular dystrophy? Share your opinion on the topic with us in the comments section below. Stay healthy!

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