Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

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6. Curved spine

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

If your muscles are not strong enough to hold your spine straight, you may suffer from a poor posture that can lead to scoliosis with time. Due to this condition, your spine curves to either the left or the right side so that your internal organs change their position.

Scoliosis usually presents itself in teenagers and it’s more often diagnosed in females than males. The disease may have many negative effects on your health including headaches and constant leg pain.

5. Breathing problems

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

In severe cases of scoliosis, progressive muscle weakness can affect your chest muscles associated with the process of breathing. Although you may not feel shortness of breath itself, you may experience some problems that indicate poor respiratory function like headaches, difficulty concentrating, and nightmares.

Weak chest muscles make it difficult for you to cough, leading to an increased risk of a serious respiratory infection. So if not treated properly, a simple cold can quickly progress to pneumonia.

4. Speech, chewing, and swallowing difficulties

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

Eating problems including the loss of the ability to chew food or to swallow it, coughing, choking, or a muffled voice after eating may be the first signs of Kennedy’s disease. This disease may present itself at any age, but it most commonly develops in middle adult life.

Along with eating difficulties, you may experience some other symptoms such as changes in speech, a nasal voice, and even complete atrophy of facial, jaw, and tongue muscles. All of them require immediate medical treatment.

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