Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

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Muscular dystrophy is usually caused by a gene mutation and leads to progressive damage and the loss of muscle cells in your body. It includes over 150 types of degenerative muscle diseases acting in different ways, but almost all of them begin with some mild symptoms that, if left unnoticed, slowly progress with time.

Our team has gathered 8 most common warning signs of muscle degeneration you should never ignore.

8. Pain and stiffness in muscles

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

The loss of muscle cells usually causes a feeling of weakness in your muscles. So if you have problems when rising from a chair, brushing your hair, lifting an object, or dropping things on the floor, you probably suffer from muscular dystrophy.

You may also notice contractures, reduced flexibility, and frequent muscle pain indicating that something’s wrong with your muscles. Along with that, symptoms such as prolonged spasms and the stiffening and tightness of arm and leg muscles may be signs of myotonia, a serious condition that requires medical treatment.

7. Enlarged calves

Muscle Degeneration Starts With 8 Early Symptoms, Don’t Ignore Them

Enlarged calf muscles may be one of the signs of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This disease usually occurs at an early age in boys and worsens very quickly.

If you suffer from the Duchenne disorder, your calf muscles are often affected in the first place because they are used a lot when you try to stabilize your body. In this case, the original muscles eventually get replaced by fat and scar tissue.

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