Lana Del Rey Cosmetic Surgery

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery: Nose Job, Botox, Lips Filler, Breast Implants

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The recent appearance of Lana Del Rey on “Saturday Night Live” and the release of her new album “Born to Die” sounded like a loud bang. Some people point to her dislike for plastic surgery. Is it true that she had plastic surgery? If so, was she treated with the scorn she deserved?

The 25-year-old singer has not yet admitted to any cosmetic procedures. It is possible that this perception could be part of the reason why some people dislike her.

Lana Del Rey Before And After Plastic Surgery

The standard way to know celebrity plastic surgery is by comparing before-after pictures. Before we go deep into the rumors of Lana Del Rey plastic surgery, let’s take a look at some pictures below!

Lana Del Rey Cosmetic Surgery


Can you see the difference between the before and after pictures above? What do you think? Did Lana Del Rey get plastic surgery? If she did so, what procedures did she have done?

Although Lana Del Rey has not commented on the rumors of plastic surgery, experts and her followers have been left with no choice but to use their sight to see what type of plastic surgery she has had. Their observation has led to some speculations. Yes, her breasts, nose, lips, and face skin were all affected by plastic surgery. The noticeable signs of Lana Del Rey surgery procedures are nose job, Botox, lip filler, and she can get a boob job (breast implants) as well.

In order to get more detailed whether the speculation was true or not, let’s take a look at the review below!

Lana Del Rey Nose Job

lana del rey nose job before and after

Did Lana Del Rey have a nose job? A picture is worth a thousand words, and Lana Del Rey’s nose plastic surgery can be determined by looking at it. Comparing her photos from earlier and more recent years seems to tell more than a story. Del Rey’s nose is the focus of her plastic surgery claims. This has been the most noticeable change to her face. Initially, her nose was larger and had a slightly bumpy bridge. The old nose seems to have been replaced by the new, as seen from her latest image. Her new nose is smaller and sharper, with a defined nasal bridge and pointed tip. The bump is no longer evident, and the nose tip seems slightly higher this time. Is this possible by chance? You can guess as much as I do so that we will leave the details to you.

Lana Del Rey Lip Filler

Many speculate that Lizzy Grant has had collagen injections in her lips. Did Del Rey have lip injections?

Lana Del Rey Lip Injections

Take a look at Lana Del Rey’s earlier picture. Did you do that? Focus your eyes on her lips, then find a recent photo or video of “Video Games” and do the exact same. What do you see? If you’re a keen observer, you will notice that Del Rey was normal in her lips when she first entered the industry. The same photos and videos of Del Rey have been the talk of the town because they look more full and plump than ever before.

Lana Del Rey Botox

Lana Del Rey is a woman whom women admire for her flawless skin. Some of her followers were smelling a rat, so they accused Lana Del Rey of using Botox to prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on her face. It is also believed that Del Rey used Botox and some fillers to make her face look a little puffier.

Lana Del Rey Cosmetic Surgery

A group of experts has come to Del Rey’s aid, saying that it doesn’t appear like Del Rey has had Botox and facial fillers. The experts instead credit Del Rey’s natural weight gain to her new look.

Personally, I do not believe that she has been under the knife for Botox injection. My reasons are:

  • First, Del Rey gained weight over the years. The extra fat on her cheeks almost felt like botox.
  • Second, she’s still young and appears to be taking good care of her skin. Therefore, I don’t believe wrinkles are her primary concern at the moment.

What do you think?

Lana Del Rey Breast Implants

Lana Del Rey Breast Size

Lana Del Rey breast size looks smaller in her “before” photos than it does now. This visible change has caused heated debate between critics and fans. Her fans attribute the boosted cleavage and weight gain to natural aging, but her critics believe that breast implants are the reason for the large chest. Another group of her followers has noticed that Del Rey’s boobs are larger and more round. This observation seems to support the idea that the “Lust for Life” might have had a job as a boob. Can nature change one’s boobs, or is that just speculation?

Final Thought

Lana Del Rey’s long silence in the face of all the plastic surgery speculations is a sign that she doesn’t know if she has it. Our job is to continue opening our eyes. What observations can you make about Lana Del Rey’s cosmetic surgery?

Frankly, I said with plastic surgery or not, I admit that Del Rey is gorgeous and looks charming.

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