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Lady Gaga Nose Job – Exclusive Review by Certified Surgeons

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Lady Gaga has lived on the edge through music, fashion, and fame. But has she had plastic surgery (nose job) to make her look like a superstar?

Although the singer of ‘Poker Face’ denies ever having been under the knife, she has admitted to having had hip surgery and injectables in the past. She’s not opposed to non-surgical treatments that enhance her beauty, but she still wants to keep it natural. Continue reading to learn why Lady Gaga doesn’t have cosmetic surgery like rhinoplasty.

Did Lady Gaga Get a Nose Job?

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery

Stefani Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, is proudly Italian but admitted she felt insecure about her nose growing up. Cosmopolitan Magazine interviewed her about being bullied at school in 2010. She said that she had a big nose, curly brown hair, and was overweight. This made her laugh.


Lady Gaga is not the only Hollywood celebrity who has been pressured to change their appearances to please the industry. According to The Mirror, she said that “Before my debut single came out, it was suggested that I get a new nose. But I said, No.’ I love the Italian nose. I’d look the opposite if people wanted me to look like a sexpot.

Lady Gaga Before And After Nose Job Pictures

You can see her beautiful natural hair and fresh look in old photos dating back to 2004. Some people were astonished at the changes in her face over time and wondered what Lady Gaga did to her features. Let’s look at the changes she has made and how she graciously responded to awkward questions from the media!

Lady Gaga Pre Nose Job
Lady Gaga Before Nose Job in London in 2013

Please take a look at her profile. Her nose is straight, and the bump has disappeared. This could also be a nose job or injectable fillers.

Lady Gaga Nose Surgery
Lady Gaga Nose after rhinoplasty, at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards

Lady Gaga’s front looks completely different. First, you can see the difference in Lady Gaga’s skin with the dark wig and the fake tan. Her nose is more refined, and her eyes appear wider (although this could be due to not having false lashes).

Lady Gaga Plastic Surgery
Natural or Nose job?
Lady Gaga at the 2013 American Music Awards.
Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Is this Heidi Montag? Gaga suddenly appears platinum blonde with filler in her cheeks and possibly her lips. She achieved a ‘Girls Next Door look’ if she was trying to achieve that look. It’s evident in this photo that she has a smaller nose. Because the chin is protruding, I could make a case to get a chin filler or implant.

Lady Gaga Nose Surgery
Lady Gaga Nose Surgery Before and After

Was she really ‘Born This Way’? No! Lady Gaga has had minimal cosmetic work done to her nose.

Hollywood Life reported that Lady Gaga appears to have had a nonsurgical nose job. This would include fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm, as well Botox. Botox can lift the tip of your nose, and fillers can smooth out irregular contours. Her nose is more attractive overall.

Gaga may be lying when she claims that she has never had plastic surgery. However, injectables that alter your facial features are not what you would expect from a “guru of self-acceptance.” Are you inclined to agree?

Lady Gaga No Makeup Photo

Lady Gaga is an absolute chameleon. While building her award-winning acting and singing careers, Lady Gaga has transformed her appearance many times. She can be seen in red carpet gowns with full glam and rocker ensembles, while others are wearing no-pants, completely unadorned, or even without makeup. She hasn’t stopped showing off her natural skin, even though Haus Labs is her makeup business. Sarah Tanno, Sarah’s long-time makeup artist, said that she has the “most incredible skin” in the industry. She looks fierce, no matter how glammed up she is or if she’s casually wearing makeup. Take a look at some of her #nomakeup photos from the past years to prove it.

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