How and What I Did to Gain 35lbs in 6 Weeks Naturally

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Alex Hormozi’s Diet and Nutrition

I basically ate the same thing every day:

Few things to note regarding my nutrition:

  1. The amount of cereal I got down each day was determine by when I started gagging. However, I always made up for it later in the day.
  2. Side note: no, I’m not sponsored by mini wheats. But after this, I should be.
  3. My daily fat intake came from the serving of sour cream in my chipotle bowl.
Supplementing For Size

There was no specific reasoning for using dextrose post workout as I’m well aware that the literature doesn’t show any additional hypertrophic benefits from extremely high dosages of carbs within the post workout period. However, at any point in time, you’re really just trying to slam as many carbs as possible for simplicity’s sake.

Cool But What Actually Happened?

Before I get into the actual results from my crazy n=1 experiment, there’s a few things that I should note in general:

  • I’m always had an easy time putting on mass and weight in general when it comes to training.
  • My lifetime high in bodyweight was 222 at one point but I had lost much of that due to work demands.
  • I was returning from a layoff from training when I decided to complete these 6 weeks of insanity (i.e. muscle memory played a significant role).
  • I’ve pulled 500 in my deadlift but we didn’t train or test it during this period.
  • My squat increased drastically despite zero heavy squat training, only 3×20@60%.
  • I hadn’t squatted anything heavier than 315 in a while due to a knee injury. However, my lifetime PR is 405×9 after a major peaking cycle.

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