How and What I Did to Gain 35lbs in 6 Weeks Naturally

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Alex Hormozi’s Training Split

Here is how the 6 week program is set up:

  • 3 days on, 1 day off for the entire 42 day training cycle.
  • Estimated training session duration: 3 hours.

Programming Notes:

  • Each new 3 day cycle, barbell bench is increased by 5-10lbs on day 1 and leg press is increased by 50lbs (Two 25lb plates).
  • Don’t lock out on the leg press, keep tension on the quads primarily throughout the movement.
  • Incline DB flys can be substituted with incline stretch pushups off boxes.
  • Keep the lat pulldowns moderate to light, the goal is more contraction oriented than weight related.
  • For part 2 of each day you should be primarily focused on pristine technique and forget about the weight. We’re primarily trying to focus on overloading the metabolic systems for hypertrophic adaptations. In other words, you should be primarily focused on chasing muscular fatigue and the pump.

Programming Notes:

  • Back squat are only performed every other 3 day training cycle (i.e. once a week).
  • Mix up the set and rep combinations on quad extensions. We basically destroyed ourselves ala Tom Platz style.
  • Utilize the same weight on barbell bench from day 1.
  • Increase the leg press by 25lbs compared to day 1.
  • We utilized a minimum of 315 on shrugs which necessitated the use of straps due to the high rep scheme.

Programming Notes:

  • A1/A2 denote supersets meaning the exercises should be completed nonstop, back to back for the allotted time period.
  • EDT = Escalated Density Training
  • Arm work exercise selection was rotated every 4 weeks but the concept remained the same – 15 minutes of EDT training.
  • Utilize the same weight on barbell bench from day 1.
  • Utilize the same weight on leg press from day 1.
  • Cycle in banded lateral raises every 3rd shoulder workout for variety and growth stimulus.
  • Calf work can be cycled with bodyweight calf raises (1 set of 80 reps – add 20 reps per session)
Your Stomach Isn’t Ready for This, Trust Me

If you’re interested in the study which sparked the idea for the nutritional side of this template, you can read about the study here.

These are the exact macros I followed:

  • 800g Carbs
  • 300g Protein
  • 50g Fat

You may need to drop the carbs to 600 depending on your size as some of the other trainees weren’t able to stomach 800 grams of carbs. Don’t fear carbs, they make you grow.

Also remember, you’re working out for roughly 3 hours per day, 6 days per week, you need the energy.

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