Expert Has Finally Revealed 22 Easy-to-Do Tricks for an Instantly Happier Morning

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Make time for a workout

A 30-minute workout will flood you with mood-boosting endorphins that will last most of the day. Plus, scheduling your exercise for first thing in the morning will make you more likely to stick with your workout program, studies have shown, probably because your schedule won’t have the chance to clog up with excuses. Try hopping on the treadmill, doing yoga, or turning on a workout video you enjoy.

Pick out an emergency outfit

For the mornings you hit snooze too many times or get sidetracked when you’re getting ready, an already-picked-out outfit will get you dressed effortlessly. Store an outfit, complete with socks and jewelry, on a hanger so you can throw it on and dash out the door.

Drink a glass of water

Every night, your body goes through a fast while you’re asleep, leaving you dehydrated when you wake up. Drink eight ounces of water as soon as you’re up to hydrate.

Read a motivational quote

Start your day on a positive note by reading a motivational quote to guide your thoughts away from negativity. Alternatively, a positive mantra can be meditative, or a poem could help you get focused for a happy morning.

Listen to music

At night, your creative juices flow. Taking five to ten minutes in the morning to think or listen to music can help you shape those imaginative thoughts into realistic plans.

Brush your tongue

A minty fresh mouth is sure to make you feel clean and ready to start the day. But with more than 300 types of bacteria accumulating in your mouth every night, a speedy tooth-brushing job isn’t going to eliminate your morning breath fully. Take an extra minute to brush your tongue to enjoy a fresher feeling.

Have a sprinkle of sugar

Healthy 60- to 80-year-olds who drank sweetened lemonade before breakfast had better memory recall that day and into the next than those who started their morning with unsweetened lemonade, a University of Virginia study found. Don’t go reaching for the doughnut just yet, though—a teaspoon or less will do the trick. Sip a cup of orange juice, or swap the artificial sweetener in your coffee for real sugar.

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