Every Wrinkle on Your Face Sends a Message About Your Health, Here Are 15 Things They Reveal

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10. Laugh lines

If you are the kind of person that constantly laughs, and when you do, you do it with your whole face, then chances are you have some laugh lines already visible on your face. The repetitive movements caused by laughing create a pattern and are likely to develop into deep laugh lines over time. There really isn’t much to do about these lines that are created by laughing, because they are just an indicator of the real you.

While it’s healthy to accept these lines as something that represents who you are, if you notice that the laugh lines start spreading and become deeper over a short period of time, it might be a signal that your pancreas is weakening. Adding healthy foods to your diet like blueberries, grapes, and garlic can help you maintain a healthy pancreas.

11. Lines on your upper lip

Developing deep vertical lines on your upper lip is a regular occurrence among smokers. Even though lips become less puffy and more deflated as we age, the primary cause of vertical lip lines is smoking and excessive sun exposure. Repetitive motions like drinking through a straw also contribute to the appearance of these lines.

However, lip wrinkles are also associated with the spleen and they may indicate a weak spleen. Improving your diet with a variety of vegetables, including carrots and turnips, can be helpful for the health of your spleen.

12. Spots that appear on your lips

Spots on your lips that appear as white bumps may indicate poor circulation. Although they pose no major threat to your health, these spots may also signal problems with the colon. To improve your circulation, you should consider indulging in light but frequent physical activities like jogging or yoga.

In order to maintain good colon health, try adding fiber-rich foods to your diet. And if you are experiencing more serious symptoms that include pain or bleeding, don’t hesitate to see a medical professional.

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