Every Wrinkle on Your Face Sends a Message About Your Health, Here Are 15 Things They Reveal

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4. Nose bridge line

Having a line across the bridge of your nose can mean that you suffer from allergies, but it can also indicate excessive worrying and stress. Furthermore, nose bridge lines are also connected to your love life, specifically your libido.

Having more emphasized nose bridge lines can indicate that you may be experiencing a lower sexual sex drive than usual. Spicing up your love life may help you reduce your nose bridge lines.

5. Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet refer to the lines that radiate out from the sides of your eyes. If you have prominent crow’s feet, it can mean that you smile with your entire face, therefore you move your face in a way that it creates these lines. But, it can also mean that you have trouble with your eyesight and that you often squint to try and see better.

Moreover, crow’s feet are connected with organs like the liver, the kidneys, and the stomach. If you notice that these lines on the sides of your eyes are becoming drastically more noticeable, it can mean that you have to take better care of your diet.

6. Under-eye circles or bags

Circles under your eyes, or bags, as many call them, are a natural phenomenon that happens when we don’t get enough sleep. They are called bags because they make the eyes saggy and appear as though we have actual bags under our eyes. But, under-eye circles are also an indicator of other health conditions.

Having bags under your eyes regularly, even when you’re getting plenty of sleep, may indicate weaker kidneys and poor circulation. In this situation, try exercises like yoga or light jogging in order to improve your circulation.

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