Every Wrinkle on Your Face Sends a Message About Your Health, Here Are 15 Things They Reveal

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As much as we don’t like wrinkles, they’re a natural part of aging. They’re a sign that we’re slowly but inevitably growing older. But other than showing age, every wrinkle has its own special meaning and reveals a lot of fascinating details about our bodies and our health.

We learned some pretty useful information about how the wrinkles on our face are indicators of more than just age, and we want to share our findings with you.

1. Horizontal forehead lines

The horizontal lines that appear on your forehead are called “Worry Lines,” and rightly so. Having these lines on your forehead is mainly an indicator that you encounter and hold onto a big amount of stress on a daily basis, and if they are particularly accentuated it means that you should slow down and relax more often.

Additionally, these lines can also be a sign that you may consume larger quantities of sugar and not enough water. So, if you have these lines, you might want to address the quality of your diet and pick up a hobby that you find relaxing.

2. Left eyebrow lines

The left eyebrow lines on your face have a direct correlation with your spleen. If you notice that the lines near your left eyebrow are becoming increasingly prominent over a short amount of time, it could be a sign that your spleen is working incorrectly and may possibly be damaged. In this situation, don’t hesitate to consult with a medical professional.

Furthermore, the spleen is stimulated and strengthened with certain sweet foods, but be cautious about the amount of sugar you take in, as it can be harmful to the spleen. Consuming dried fruits is a great way to strengthen this organ.

3. Right eyebrow lines

The lines near your right eyebrow are an indicator of the level of toxicity in your body. The liver is strongly connected with the skin, specifically, the lines that appear near your right eyebrow. So, if those vertical lines appear more noticeably than usual, it might be a sign of liver imbalance.

To remedy this, change to an organic diet that includes green vegetables and leafy greens, and consume a healthy amount of clear protein. At the same time, try cutting back your intake of coffee, spicy foods, and salt.

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