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Chris Rock Plastic Surgery: Plastic Surgeon Review

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Did Chris Rock have plastic surgery?

Chris Rock, a celebrity, has been in the spotlight for too long since his appearance in “Beverly Hills II” (1987). His diabolical fans have followed him as he grew older, taking note of any changes in his appearance. Rock’s appearance reflected his age throughout his thirties to early forties. In his late 40s and well past fifty, Chris Rock has been a subject of speculations and widespread rumours about his facial features. Yes, there are rumours that you and I have heard.

According to rumours, Chris Rock has had two types of plastic surgery. These were corrective and rejuvenation. Plastic surgery has made Chris look younger and more confident than he did as a child. The rejuvenation cosmetic procedure was designed to give Chris a youthful appearance in his later years. It was speculated that Chris Rock might have had a corrective procedure to his nose and fillers and Botox to rejuvenate his youthful appearance.

Chris Rock Nose Job

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Chris Rock Then and Now

The mere comparison of “Before” photos and “current” pictures of Chris Rock speaks more than 1,000 words. Rock’s nose was wide in the early ’90s. It covered most of his face. Chris Rock was not a very attractive person, we must admit.

Chris suddenly appears to have noticed a drastic change in his nose, giving him a very attractive appearance. His nose seems to be more pointed at the tip and slimmer with narrower nostrils. The rhinoplasty has changed his nose.

Fillers and Dental Surgery

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Chris Rock Plastic Surgery Before and After

Chris Rock does have a sideways smile; it is obvious. This isn’t how Chris Rock smiled in the 1990s. Chris Rock’s smile was centered with his lips in the middle. This contrasts with his sideways smile that appears to be embedded on one side as if he were shying away. This observation seems to be due solely to filler injections. Experts in plastic surgery say that Rock’s smile is a result of a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Now, he is taking a look at his filler injections to his teeth. Did you know that Chris Rock had initially used crooked, boring, and generally incorrect dental formulae? His bright, well-aligned smile contrasts with his new brighter and more aligned teeth. This again shows that they had undergone some dental work.

Chris Rock Face Plastic Surgery Using Botox


Chris Rock appeared to have an age-related effect on his face in his thirties and forties. His face seems to have changed dramatically between his late forties and his fifties. Chris Rock’s facial appearance seems to have undergone a dramatic transformation. His frown lines disappeared, his skin is tighter and smoother.
He appears fresh and revitalized, and it is easy to mistake him for a twenty-year-old. This is possible by natural means? You can guess my answer. The “big B” Botox appears to have been the key to Chris Rocks’ youthful look. The surgery procedure seems to have done wonders for Rocks.

Chris Rock Talks About Getting Plastic Surgery

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