BTS Plastic Surgery: Which BTS Member Is Getting Surgery A Lot?

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Did BTS get plastic surgery? To answer this question, let’s take a look at what experts say whether BTS members have got plastic surgery or not.

BTS at a Glance

Bangtan Sonyeondan, aka Bangtan Boys, or what we know as BTS, has taken the world’s attention for its existence in the Korean Pop (K-Pop) music scene.

This boyband made by Big Hit Entertainment debuted in 2013 with seven handsome boys, which, of course, female kpopers like!

ARMY BTS, as soon as they mention the name of their fans, this has spread all over the world and made BTS increasingly dominating the Korean and international music scene.

BTS became the best boy group with the highest brand reputation in March 2021. Likewise with BLACKPINK for the girl group category.

According to the analysis of The Korean Business Research Institute, the two groups took first place in their respective categories. BTS beat K-Pop groups NCT to Astro.

The Korean Business Research Institute compiled a ranking of the best boy groups based on the results of data analysis from February 13 to March 13. As a result, BTS achieved a brand reputation index of 10,922,131.

BTS Members Profile

Let’s find out the profile of BTS, from the BTS bio to facts about BTS that you should know. Come on, see the complete information below!

1. RM

Kpop Plastic Surgery BTS
Kim Nam Joon

Real Name: Kim Nam Joon

Position: Leader & Main Rapper

DOB: Ilsan, Gyeonggi-Do, September 12, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height & Weight: 181 cm & 67 kg

Hobbies: Surfing in cyberspace

2. Jin

bts members plastic surgery
Kim Seok-jin BTS

Real Name: Kim Seok Jin

Position: Vocalist & Visual

DOB: Anyang, December 4, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height & Weight: 179 cm & 63 kg

Hobbies: Cooking, playing video games, taking selfies

3. Suga

influencer korean plastic surgery
Min Yoongi BTS

Real Name: Min Yoon Gi

Position: Lead Rapper

DOB: Daegu, 9 March 1993

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height & Weight: 174 cm & 59 kg

Hobbies: Taking pictures, lazing in spare time

4. J-Hope

Have BTS had plastic surgery
Jung Hoseok BTS

Real Name: Jung Ho Seok

Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Sub Vocalist

DOB: Gwangju, February 18, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height & Weight: 177 cm & 65 kg

Hobbies: Listening to music

5. Jimin

BTS Plastic Surgery
Park Ji Min BTS

Real Name: Park Ji Min

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist

DOB: Busan, October 13, 1995

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height & Weight: 173.6 cm & 61 kg

Hobbies: Relax whenever he has free time

6. V BTS

BTS Plastic Surgery
Kim Tae Hyung BTS

Real Name: Kim Tae Hyung

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

DOB: Daegu, 30 December 1995

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height & Weight: 178 cm & 62 kg

Hobbies: Searching and listening to music that not many people know, playing computer

7. Jungkook

BTS Plastic Surgery
Jeon Jeong-guk BTS

Real Name: Jeon Jeong-guk

Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Maknae

DOB: Busan, September 1, 1997

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height & Weight: 178 cm & 66 kg

Hobbies: Drawing

Which BTS Member Is Getting Surgery A lot?

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. David L. Cohen, says that most BTS members have had some form or other plastic surgery. They aren’t ‘addicted to’ or show ‘problematic overuse of elective plastic surgeries.

The surgeon noted that South Korea has a high rate of plastic surgery. It’s also more culturally accepted than the United States. The Beverly Hills surgeon said that you would see more advertising for plastic surgery centers in Seoul. “Also, many of the best surgeons in the country operate there, which is more than Beverly Hills (though we’re perfect!).”

“A high relative percentage of South Koreans have had elective surgery. The exact number is not available, but the ASPS [American Society of Plastic Surgeons] can estimate. Double eyelid surgery is also prevalent. However, Americans are less likely to have surgical procedures like double eyelid surgery. Culturally, there is a distinction.

Well, the followings are detailed procedures of BTS plastic surgery that you didn’t know about.

BTS Plastic Surgery Before And After

Jimin Plastic Surgery

BTS Jimin Plastic Surgery Before and After
Jimin Before and After Plastic Surgery

Jimin’s facial features don’t look suspicious at first glance. However, if you compare his latest photos to those of Jimin before his debut, it is clear that he may have had some nose job. His nose is smaller than other members of BTS, but the difference isn’t too noticeable.

He may also have had work done to his eyes. Although he hasn’t had double eyelid surgery, his wide-eyed appearance suggests that he may have had some corner-cutting surgery, particularly in the inner corners.

Jimin is still a young man, so I hope that he quits before he gets ahead. What do you think about the work he did?

Jungkook Plastic Surgery

BTS Jungkook Plastic Surgery

Jungkook, the main vocalist of K-pop group BTS (Bangtan Boys), has been the subject of plastic surgery gossip. Despite being just 20 years of age, Jungkook has been a significant talking point among plastic surgery speculations. Comparing before and after photos, people speculate the procedures of Jungkook plastic surgery might be a nose job and double eyelid surgery.

Taehyung Plastic Surgery

Taehyung BTS Plastic Surgery

Dr. Trio says Kim Tae Hyung’s chin grew stronger and more masculine between 19 and 26. Dr. Si Wan stated that he might have been under the knife for chin surgery.

Jhope Plastic Surgery

“There are almost sure to be several procedures. Note that J-Hope’s face (I don’t know his real identity so that we can use his stage name) isn’t typical of Asian faces. I’ve studied extensively in Seoul and spent much of my time in Asia working alongside Asian surgeons. Rarely will you find an Asian person with this kind of appearance without extensive surgery?

Jhope BTS Plastic Surgery

“The nose will be the first thing that you notice.” There will be significant adjustments to the overall size, slope contour, and bridge.

It also seems that he has done a lot of tooth whitening. This is not my expertise. I can only note any facial or body features to ensure balance. This person might need to do more dental cleanings and be more careful with their upkeep.

“I should also draw your attention to the jawline. From a previously rounded start, this is a very angular and sculpted look. This procedure may require some severe maxillofacial surgery. It is difficult to tell by the photo, but I can see that there were some works done.

“Other areas would be ears: it seems like there could have been an alteration to the lobes. You will notice a noticeable change in the post. This is not a very common alteration. However, this is only a screenshot you provided, so I would have to look at it more.

“Eyelids look as though they’ve had a significant surgery, possibly multiple. However, this is only the ‘after” picture. The ‘before’ picture is a bit blurry. These two areas are not something I can say with absolute certainty.

Suga Plastic Surgery

Suga BTS Plastic Surgery

“This guy had a great face, to begin with. To create a bulbous, wider appearance, I am only looking at possible eyelid work (maybe corner-cutting). You will notice a wider eye-opening in the after picture. This is a fairly standard procedure for Korean surgeons. This accentuates my very pleasing nose and lips.

“Besides, the face shows a slight angular accentuation. This could be due to moderate weight loss or diet change.

Namjoon Plastic Surgery

Namjoon BTS Plastic Surgery

“I would suggest that there has been some surgery on the nose. You will most likely notice changes in the width and contour of the slope angle.

Let me say, “Surgeon to Rap Monster’s” surgeon. I will be expressing my admiration for the rest of the face. The rest of his face is hard to tell. It could have some minor eyelid adjustments and angular balancing. However, this is a guess based on photos. In one shot, hair covers parts of the image. I can’t judge what happens in other areas.

Another thing to be aware of is: My assessment shows that there has been a significant shift in the use of facial creams, proper application of makeup, and overall skincare. Patients often think they have had surgery because they don’t drink enough water or take the proper nutrients. You will also notice improvements in your lifestyle if you consider improved sleep, less stress, moderate drinking, and more sun exposure.

The face of Rap Monster is an excellent example of a regimen that can contribute to the overall improvement in appearance.

BTS Jin Plastic Surgery

Kim Seok Jin Plastic Surgery

“Apart from pigmentation, I can’t say much about this one. The previous photo clearly shows that Kim Seok Jin is darker. It isn’t easy to judge because of how lighting and other factors affect the appearance of pigmentation in photos. Keep in mind that dramatic hair color changes can occur here, which is a factor.

“Aside from that, I cannot say that this person underwent a lot of surgery. If so, how many? Jin may often be chosen for his looks. This guy was the one I thought.

“There seems to be an issue with his ocular direction, but it’s not evident in the after photos. His right eye might be straying due to an eye problem.

10 Interesting Facts about BTS Members

1. BTS Writes and Produces Their Music

If Other people from different companies produce Kpop boy band songs, BTS produces their music Toppers. These seven BTS members have writing credits on each discography of the songs they create themselves.

Although Suga and RM act as producers, their songs are not inferior to professional songwriters, with evidence that they can enter the top charts in various countries.

2. Released Album Has a Trilogy Concept

He started his career by releasing an album in 2013 titled 2Cool 4Skool, every album that BTS releases carry the concept of a Trilogy.

That year, it was called the School Trilogy, where the album O!RUL8,2? closed with Skool Luv Affair.

This trilogy features aggressive songs related to the lives of students and teenagers. Then in 2015-2016, they released The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Trilogy, which was divided into Part 1, Part 2, and Epilogue.

This triple album series contains songs with experimental sound nuances and meanings that describe the experiences of young adults.

3. Very Influenced by Hip-Hop Music

As we know, the Kpop industry is very closely related to hip-hop music. The influence of hip-hop music on the K-pop industry began in the 90s. As a boyband who adheres to the flow of hip-hop music, BTS doesn’t want to be outdone, Toppers.

They study the origins of hip-hop, so they can explore the hip-hop music they produce.

4. BTS members are humble

With busy touring activities both in Asia and outside Asia, it seems that BTS is still trying hard, you know, Toppers, to interact with their fans around the world.

Usually, BTS interacts with their fans by doing live on various platforms and updates on their Twitter account. They often share videos of their daily life as well as their tours on social media.

5. BTS Makes History in Kpop Industry

The enthusiasm of fans when BTS released this album or EP was not kidding. The reason is, after being released, their new album can immediately rise to the Top Charts of various music platforms both in Korea and abroad.

They managed to sell 1.2 million album copies on South Korea’s Gaon Album and became the biggest seller after 16 years.

6. Collaborate with UNICEF Korea for the LOVEMYSELF Campaign

Since 2017, BTS has collaborated with UNICEF Korea for the LOVEMYSELF campaign, which aims to spread awareness of violence experienced by many young people in the world.

This campaign was marked by the release of the song LOVEMYSELF and the hashtag #ENDviolence on various social media.

7. BTS Becomes the First K-Pop Boyband to Give a Speech at the UN Assembly

Talking about influencers, BTS also called for a campaign to dare to pursue dreams for young people. With this campaign, they can even be invited to give speeches at the UN Assembly.

Their speech at the UN Assembly marked a new history of the first K-pop group to be invited to the prestigious event.

8. Nominated for a Grammy

Unexpectedly, BTS’ album titled ‘Love Yourself: Tear’ strolled into the 2018 Grammy nominations. The album was included in the Best Recording Package category under HuskyFox.

This album received worldwide acclaim by reaching all music charts in various countries. Even though they didn’t win in this event, the appearance of a Korean boy group in a Grammy nomination was a big breakthrough for the Korean music world.

9. Covered TIME Magazine as “Next Generation Leaders.”

BTS officially became the cover of the October 22, 2018 issue of TIME magazine. The magazine’s front page has the headline “Next Generation Leaders” with exclusive photos of BTS personnel.

In the magazine, they discussed their career journey from the beginning of their debut, the impact of BTS’ existence as one of the most popular generational acts, to the meaning of their presence in representing the country on a global scale.

10. Have a Compact Fan

The fans of BTS, or what is usually called ARMY, as we know, are very compact. The existence of ARMY amid BTS’s presence is undoubtedly a supporting engine for BTS in various achievements.

Like to get the most-watched videos or trending clips that have been released, for example, the clip’ Blood, Sweat, & Tears’ immediately reached more than 6.3 million viewers in one day.

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