Britney Spears Plastic Surgery

Britney Spears Nose Job: Exclusive Review by Plastic Surgeons

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The Speculation of Britney Spears nose job has been a question for years. Before we dig deep and analyze whether the star has got plastic surgery or not, let’s take a look at the following before-after photos.

Britney Spears Nose Job Before and After
Britney Spears Nose Before And After

What do you think? Can you see the difference in the shape of Britney Spears nose?

Britney Spears Nose Before And After Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Britney Spears Nose Surgery
Britney Spears Nose Surgery

Judging by before and after pictures, the shape of Britney Spears nose looks much different. In the “before” picture, we can see that her nose looks a little bit bulbous. Now, compare to the recent picture, it looks less bulbous and appears slimmer. This makes people speculating that the star has got nose surgery.

What Experts Say about Britney Nose Job?

In an interview with The Daily Star, a cosmetic surgeon commented on his professional thoughts as to whether or not Britney underwent nose surgery.

Britney Spears Nose Before and After
Britney Nose Job Before and After

He stated, “I believe that Britney has had a nose job to create a slimmer and more feminine shape to her front profile. It’s clear that the tip of her nose is slender and less bulbous in the more recent images of her”.


“First of all, loss of baby fat goes a long way to making the face look different,” Dr. Miller explained to Life & Style. “As to procedures she may have done, Britney always had a slight asymmetry between her eyes that appears improved in her later photos. Also, the lips look a bit fuller and the nose is a little thinner.”

But, Dr. Miller added, “Everything does look natural so whatever she has done, it appears to have been done well.”

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