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Blake Lively Nose Job: How She Changed after Plastic Surgery

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At one time during their fame, many celebrity celebs will get plastic surgery. And that will be part of a long journey to becoming a Hollywood megastar. Know this will undoubtedly make you feel good about yourself. Rather than idolizing those people as “born perfect,” you realize that they are just normal, flawed human beings like me and you. We’ll explore this evolution in celebrity beauty in our new regular show Before and After, where we will look at Blake Lively nose job and how she changed after plastic surgery.

Did Blake Lively Get A Nose Job?

Blake Lively nose surgery
Blake Lively Before And After Nose Job

Hollywood seems to be focused on two things: your acting ability and your appearance.

Many celebrities have had their natural beauty transformed by professionals.

It’s okay to have minor cosmetic procedures to improve your appearance, especially if it’s beneficial for your career.

Did Blake Lively have a nose job? Probably. It’s unlikely that any celebrities will admit it. But, if you look at the before and after photos, you’ll see that she has had some work done.

Blake Lively Before And After Nose Job

Many people believe Blake has had a dramatic change in her nose over the years. Some even suggest she had a nose job to narrow it. The tip is also less boxy than it was before. To get a detailed review of Blake Lively nose job, let’s see how she changed her looks year by year!

Blake Lively Before Nose Job

Blake Lively before Nose Surgery

Blake was 17 years old when he took these photos. The early ’00s style is something you have to love! Pastel outfits with mermaid waves in a swathe and tweezed eyebrows. Let me ask you to take a long, detailed look at Blake Lively’s nose and eyes.

Blake Lively Before Plastic Surgery

The picture above shows Blake naturally without any surgical procedures done on her nose (except for the blonde hair). You can see that her nose and lids were larger in those days.

Blake Lively Before Nose Job

This one shows the difference Blake’s nose makes. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her looking less polished than she does today.

blake lively plastic surgery

We are starting to see the glam! Blake was 22 years old and had long hair and more polished make-up. Although it’s difficult to determine if her nose has changed, I believe her eyelids remain the same.

Blake Lively Cosmetic Surgery

In cosmetic surgery, repeat rhinoplasties are pretty standard. I wonder if Blake had her first procedure at this time. Her nose looks more chiseled! However, her eyes look the same. She was then a big newsmaker for her blonde, beach-textured hair.

Blake Lively Before And After

Notice how her nose looks a bit more sculpted. Boho braids and bedhead hair were trendy in 2011. Blake can wear both! Her brows are looking great!

Did Blake Lively Get A Nose Job

Blake is now all grown up. It’s not only the styling that makes Blake look different. Her bridge and tip have been reduced to make her look more angular.

Certified Surgeons’ Review About Blake Lively Nose Job

“Before, her nose was wider and more pointed than it is now, but she has a slimmed, sharpened, and elegantly shaped nose (rhinoplasty).” Dr. Hugh McLean says. The nose job was done well and matched her beautiful, flat face perfectly.

Dr. Jeffrey Rawnsley concurs: “In her Rhinoplasty, she had some tip-defining points narrowed and the tip cartilage removed. Her tip also rotated up. Her bridge was also slightly narrowed and lowered.


Blake Lively No Makeup

Blake Lively is one of our favorite celebrities to follow on Instagram. She just posted a selfie that pretty much sums everyone’s 2020. It proves yet again that she’s the queen at keeping it real.

We don’t claim that she is the only celeb who has chosen to ditch filters in favor of a more authentic social presence on Twitter. It’s becoming a popular trend for A-Listers and other celebrities to show fans their natural skin and hair texture.

Well, if you think Blake is all about makeup, then you need to reconsider. The following are pictures of Blake without makeup that will blow you.



Comparing the before-after photos, it is undeniable that Blake changed her nose at least once.

Blake is a beautiful woman, no matter what. But I feel that she has lost her uniqueness and has become more generic.

There are so many celebrities looking to improve their skills and fix any flaws that may be present to move up in their careers. Blake Lively is still Blake, but she’s a better Blake. Are you inclined to agree?

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