Ariana Grande Nose Job: What Does Ariana Grande Look Like Now?

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Ariana Grande, a Nickelodeon Teen Star, has been in front of the camera for over ten years. But these childhood photos had made us wonder if or when the perfectly proportioned pop princess went under a knife for cosmetic surgery, such as a nose job.

Did Ariana Grande Get A Nose Job?

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery
Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Nose Before After

The rumor about Ariana Grande nose job went viral after a fan tweeted, “let’s discuss Ariana’s nose,” and four zoomed-in photos of her nose. The fan was wondering if the actress has been under the knife for beauty enhancement on her nose.

What did Ariana Grande look like before and after her nose job? Let’s see the pictures below!

Ariana Grande Nose Job Before And After

Ariana Grande Nose Surgery

What do you think?

Judging by before and after pictures, Ariana Grande nose surgery is undeniable and made a huge difference for her appearance given her lacking bone structure. Whereas people saw her nose wider a decade ago, but it now appears slimmer and more defined.

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Nose
Ariana Grande Nose Surgery

Grande’s Response to The Nose Job Rumors?

Ariana noticed the conversation on Twitter and decided to end the gossip about her nose. She tweeted, “hayyy, this is my birth nose,” and added: “Lemme have a cute, damned nose!” The fan replied: “Who cares anyway? You’re beautiful,” and Ariana wrote “thank you” with a gif from Goldie Hawn of The First Wives Club.

Ariana Grande nose

ariana grande face surgery

Ariana added, “I can’t wait for her,” about Elise Elliot’s gif of Goldie. Fans of The First Wives Club already know that Elise has a passion for botox. Ariana replied to the fan: “You are here already tho.” Ariana replied: “omg, thank you.” It’s a comedy genius.

For your information, Ariana is not afraid to share her opinions with her followers on social media. Since the beginning of her career, Ariana has used her Instagram and Twitter profiles to interact directly with her fans. She’s spoken out about her father and shown us her natural hair, as well as how she feels about TikTok stars copying her.

Ariana is the first person to address any rumors that circulate. Ariana clapped back in August at a trolling troll who accused her of using autotune while on tour. In September, she clapped again at a trolling troll who accused her of not being an actual songwriter. Ari doesn’t believe in fake news and has responded to rumors she had plastic surgery on the nose.

What does Ariana Grande Look Like Now?

While everyone’s faces change with age, celebrities seem to have a more dramatic facelift than others. Fans are shocked at how dramatically Ariana Grande has changed her appearance over the years.

Since 2010, Ariana, best known as the actress and singer, has been in the spotlight. She was 16 when she starred in Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Her career has evolved so much in the last decade.

Some fans wonder if the transformation was natural.

A meme on Instagram has been gaining popularity. Fans speculate about whether Ariana’s facial changes are related to plastic surgery.

One commenter said, “There are still people that believe Ari didn’t get a nose job… it’s so obvious.”

Another person said, “It’s amazing that Ariana looked like that…” It has been a huge change!

This post compares Ariana as a teenager to today’s celeb. You can see that her nose was larger in the first image than it is now.

The post does not show that the pop star had a nose job. This is especially true, considering many teenagers have more prominent noses than adults.

Many believe Ariana has had work done despite the fact she is only 27. According to The Skincare Edit, she may have had both a brow and nose lift.

Ariana has denied rumors of plastic surgery. She responded to Twitter comments in 2019, accusing her that she had a nose job.

Ariana seems to have more important things to do than respond to plastic surgery allegations. The singer married her beau Dalton Gomez in Montecito earlier this month.


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