9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

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8. Your bones fracture or break easily

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

Calcium is fundamental for bone development and bone health, especially during childhood. However all dairy products -or animal proteins in general- are acidic, which decreases the intake of calcium. A study suggests that women who drink 3 or more glasses of milk per day have higher risk of fractures.

9. Your body is resistant to medicine and you don’t recover quickly

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

Although milk itself is not to be blamed here, the antibiotics that are given to cows may be affecting your health indirectly, a study shows. On the one hand, the medicine is vital for the animals’ health, but on the other hand it causes the development of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria. While probiotics are our friend, this bacteria is quite the opposite. To get over a sickness faster, you may want to think about your dairy consumption.

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