9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

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4. You have aches that seem to come out of nowhere

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

Since milk is highly acidic, it causes inflammation, which hurts your joints and muscles, according to this study. If you’re exercising and having a hard time recovering from sore muscles, try decreasing your dairy consumption.

5. You experience brain fog

Brain fog isn’t a disease, but a symptom. It causes memory problems, the inability to focus, and mental vagueness. Even if there are several other reasons, excessive dairy consumption can also be a trigger for brain fog due to the high casein rate in milk which causes a false satisfaction feeling. A lot of research suggests that decreasing your milk consumption can help fight depression.

6. You have allergies and other skin conditions

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

Due to the similar early symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, and colic, a milk allergy can be confused with lactose intolerance. While 5% of children have a milk allergy, it can also be developed later during adulthood. Eczema may also flare up because of dairy. Try removing dairy from your diet and see if your condition improves.

7. You have high cholesterol

9 Signs You Need to Stop Drinking Milk

The cholesterol in the bloodstream comes directly from your diet. 100 g of regular cow’s milk contains 10 g of cholesterol, according to the USDA, which makes it dangerous to ingest in large amounts on a daily basis.

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