9 Psychological Tricks to Develop a Fitness Habit

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7. Identify Roadblocks

When we set goals, we often become overly optimistic. Don’t get me wrong – optimism is a good thing. But being too optimistic makes us ignore the hard parts and get frustrated when we encounter the challenges that any goal will have.

The fix is simple: figure out what the roadblocks will be in advance. Spend 5 minutes writing down all the potential challenges you can face on the path to success.

Not only will you appreciate that achieving your goal won’t always be easy (and therefore be more likely to stick with it when the hard parts happen), but you won’t be surprised when you actually do encounter the challenges on your list.

8. Overcome Roadblocks

With a list of roadblocks in hand, you can go one step further to really up your success.

You have a list of challenges that you will probably encounter, so now all you have to do is solve them. It can be hard to figure out how to fix problems in the moment, so planning your solutions out in advance makes everything much easier.

Be specific here too. “Having low energy” is not a specific enough roadblock. Something like “I’m tired when I get home from work and just want to collapse and watch Netflix” is much better. When you get specific, it becomes a lot easier to find solutions.

When I had to deal with being tired after work, I used chaining and went to the gym right away, avoiding the temptation of my bed and computer.

You can get creative in your solutions, but having a plan in place for the times that you really don’t want to work out makes everything easier.

9. Create Your Master Plan

Once you have a plan in place for actually getting to a workout, make a plan for what you will do and when.

Having a set program to follow takes the guesswork out of your workouts. Procrastination is often caused by uncertainty, so reducing uncertainty with a specific plan is a procrastination killer.

Along with that, set specific times to work out. If you vaguely know you have to get 3 workouts in this week, it’s easy to push them back to later. If you know that you’ll workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:45pm, it’s a lot harder to justify skipping.

Any one of these tips can turn you from a couch potato into a gym regular, if you use it well enough. The more you use, the more likely you are to master your psychology, stop being lazy, and get the results you want.

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