9 Easy Health Life Hacks to Make Your Body Feel Like New

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7. Drink hydrolyzed collagen instead of applying it to your skin.

9 Easy Health Life Hacks to Make Your Body Feel Like New

Aging is something that most of us never really come to terms with and it’s often first noticed in your skin’s appearance. We all try to bring our skin “back to life” by purchasing moisturizers, masks, and serums that are rich in collagen (the protein responsible for keeping our skin tight and glowing in our 30s).

The thing is, collagen, or even hydrolyzed collagen, doesn’t penetrate the skin to the point where it will help it to bind with other proteins and improve your overall health. So the best way out of aging is to take supplements. According to research, taking hydrolyzed collagen can slow down aging by 27%, improve bone health, boost muscle mass, prevent bone loss and osteoporosis, and relieve joint pain.

8. Whiten your teeth using fruit.

9 Easy Health Life Hacks to Make Your Body Feel Like New

The best thing anyone can wear is a bright smile, but what about those times when you don’t feel confident showing your teeth because they seem a little bit yellow? Well, don’t worry because you can change all that depending on your diet. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in anti-oxidants can work wonders when it comes to removing yellow stains from your teeth.

  • Strawberries can help whiten your teeth and remove both coffee and wine stains.
  • Apples act as natural stain removers because they help produce more saliva in your mouth and serve as a “self-cleaning” agent.
  • Oranges or any kind of tart fruit help to neutralize the acidity of your mouth that causes tooth decay.

9. Drink more coffee for a healthy gallbladder.

9 Easy Health Life Hacks to Make Your Body Feel Like New

Even though coffee might be associated with an unhealthy diet, coffee in its purest form is actually good for you. Think about it: it’s bean juice made out of hot water and has a lot of health benefits that we’ve covered before in other articlesOne of coffee’s most important benefits is that it promotes a healthy gallbladder.

According to research, coffee activates contractions in the gallbladder which is believed to be caused by the caffeine in it. In addition, research has revealed that increased gallbladder contractions resulting from coffee can prevent minor crystals in the gallbladder from becoming large gallbladder stones. So, you’d better get yourself a cup of hot coffee for a healthy gallbladder and next time someone tells you that you’re addicted, show them this article!

Which of these healthy life hacks would you like to try? If you have any health hacks or tips to offer us, we’d love to read them in the comments!

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