8 Popular Exercises Are Actually Worst Exercises For Long Term Muscle Building

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5. Worst Exercise – Overhead Press

Shoulder work is…well…idiotic. The human shoulder girdle is as fragile as glass. We are not designed as human beings to press heavy objects over our heads.

Unless you desire several shoulder surgeries before the age of 50, stick with side and rear lateral raises.

6. Worst Exercise – Bent Over Rows

Let’s see, where do we start with this movement? Does bending over at the waist and lifting a heavy barbell sound like a sane, back-friendly choice to you? Absolutely not. Save your lower back and use machine rows and lat pull downs instead.

7. Worst Exercise – Dumbbell Flyes

Just like the bench press, the dumbbell flye places your shoulders in a precarious position. Spend a number of years performing dumbbell flyes and you are sure to pick up a shoulder impingement or two.

8. Worst Exercise – Any Abdominal Movement

And we stress – ALL abdominal exercises are inherently dangerous. ALL OF THEM. Abdominal work and lower back work requires training balance. Because of this even a minimal amount of lower back work is dangerous, not to mention bad for your spinal column. For this reason all abdominal work should be avoided as well.

Even the most trivial amount of abdominal work creates a muscular imbalance in the core, weakening the lower back and increasing incidences of spine-related issues

Conclusion – Which Exercises Are Best?

Stick with machine exercises. They provide the most overall stability, increasing rewards while reducing risk of injury. Avoid barbell and dumbbell exercises when possible, along with all bicepts and abdominal exercises.

If you do this while focusing on keeping the weight the same, you will shock your body to new levels of muscle confusion.

In fact, your will be so confused that you might not realize….

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