8 Popular Exercises Are Actually Worst Exercises For Long Term Muscle Building

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1. Worst Exercise – The Bench Press

The bench press is like the atomic bomb of the muscle building world. It has destroyed an immeasurable number of shoulder girdles. Even when using perfect form, you are compromising your elbows, wrists and rotator cuffs.

Avoid the bench press at all costs.

Curls2. Worst Exercise – Bicep Curls
Big biceps are built with rows and pull ups, period, end of story. Anyone that tells you differently is living in a bro fantasy land.

All forms of biceps curls are good for one thing, and one thing only – giving you elbow tendonitis.

3. Worst Exercise – Squats

Everyone knows that squats destroy the knees. The further down you squat, the more risk you incur. The only sane alternative is to use half-squats or quarter-squats, both of which require a ridiculous amount of weight. This makes them a dangerous choice as well.

Stick to leg extensions or Smith machine squats. Both of these movements are very knee friendly.

4. Worst Exercise – Deadlifts

This choice is a no brainer. Just as squats are bad for the knees, deadlifts are twice as bad for your lower back. Heavy deadlifts are rarely safe, except for the very small percentage of lifters born with a Herculean-strong posterior chain.

Strongman Jón Páll Sigmarsson once said: “There is no reason to be alive if you can’t do the deadlift.” A more truthful quote would have been: “There is no intelligent reason to do the deadlift.” If you keep deadlifting you’ll end up hunched over, walking with a cane.

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