8 Effortless Ways to Free Your Body From Stress and Pain

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3. Aromatherapy

8 Effortless Ways to Free Your Body From Stress and Pain

Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses natural flavorings to improve one’s physical and mental condition. There are around a hundred essential oils used in aromatherapy and each has its own specific characteristics and benefits. Below are our top 3 choices.

Top 3:

1. Valerian oil: has relaxing properties and is usually used to fight insomnia and nervous tensions.

2. Bergamot oil: fights sadness and grief and is very helpful during stress. As a nice bonus, this oil also helps to get rid of pimples and acne.

3. Marjoram: is used during stress and anxiety and helps to relieve body pain and headaches.

How to use:

Despite the type of essential oil you choose, the processes of applying it are the same: you may either inhale them directly from the bottle, use them during the massages described above (Remember to always read the directions on the bottle before using any essential oil directly on your skin, because some of them may severely dry it out or have other negative side effects), or purchase a diffuser that will spread oils through the air.

4. Chew gum

8 Effortless Ways to Free Your Body From Stress and Pain

An unexpected solution that may help you to relieve anxiety caused by stress is chewing gum.

Scholars conducted research and found the following: they divided 50 volunteers into 2 groups. One group was asked to chew gum twice a day, while the other group was living their ordinary life and did not use the gum for that period. After 2 weeks, the group that did chew gum showed a significant difference compared to the non-chewers.

5. Hand massage

8 Effortless Ways to Free Your Body From Stress and Pain

Another tool you can use to relieve tension in the body is hand massage. Just a few quick and easy steps will make you feel better.

Massage process:

1. Stretch the fingers and the palm out, making sure you feel the stretch all along your hand.

2. Squeeze the skin between your thumb and index finger and gently massage it, making circular movements.

3. Slide your thumb from the center of your palm to the base of each finger.

What can you do to prevent stress?

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