7 Sitz Bath Recipes Your Body Will Thank You For

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sitz bath, also known as a hip bath, is a type of bath where you sit your buttocks and hips in warm water. You can do it in a bathtub or a large basin. Normally it is used for healing purposes like relieving discomfort in the bottom part of the body and reducing inflammation, irritation, or pain. These baths are recommended by doctors and have a low risk of side effects.

Our team has found 7 sitz bath recipes that will help you to stay healthy and young.

1. Basic saltwater sitz bath

Salt is an excellent antibacterial and healing remedy. As you may know, basic saltwater sitz baths are used for a number of things from hemorrhoids to itching. They are very simple to use. You’ll need about ¼ cup of salt to add to the warmest water you can stand. Stay in this bath for at least 30 minutes and change the water when it gets too cold for you.

7 Sitz Bath Recipes Your Body Will Thank You For

You can use a special sitz bath or a bathtub to treat health conditions and reduce problems easily at home. No matter which way you do it, it will have the same effect and will help you to relieve discomfort. But you should remember that you’ll need to sit in this bath for no less than 15 minutes. 5 or 10 minutes is not enough to reduce pain and discomfort.

2. Baking soda

7 Sitz Bath Recipes Your Body Will Thank You For

You can also take a sitz bath with baking soda that you can find in a drug or grocery store, or you might already have it at home. This remedy is recommended to reduce infections, because baking soda has an antibacterial effect.

The recipe is very simple. Put 4 to 5 tbsp of baking soda in the sitz bath. Mix the water until the soda is dissolved. Now you can enjoy the bath. Sit in it at least 20 minutes until the water turns cold.

3. Herbal sitz bath

This is a good recipe for an herbal bath especially if you’ve recently delivered a baby. Use 1 cup or 9 oz of unrefined sea salt, 2 oz of lavender blossoms, 2 oz of plantain leaves, 2 oz of witch hazel, 2 oz of yarrow, 2 oz of calendula, and 2 oz of chamomile.

7 Sitz Bath Recipes Your Body Will Thank You For
Mix all the ingredients and put the mixture in small bags. Make the water as hot as possible, drop in one bag and allow the salt to dissolve. When the temperature of the water is comfortable for you, enjoy the sitz bath.

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