4 Health Issues That Sock Marks May Signal

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1. High blood pressure

If you’re experiencing a disturbing feeling of swollen legs, the reason may be excess fluid that’s building up in your lower legs. Usually, it’s not painful by itself, but wearing socks may feel uncomfortable. High blood pressure is caused by fluid retention and makes it hard for the heart to transport blood throughout the body. The body responds by holding onto fluid that usually settles in the legs and feet.

2. Varicose veins

When the veins in your legs become weakened, they can’t return blood to your heart quickly enough. Blood then backs up in your leg veins and leads to painful swelling. This condition is one of the contributing factors to varicose veins. If you’re getting sock marks regularly, your body might be trying to send you a signal that your veins don’t let blood flow back up to your heart.

3. Dehydration

If your body doesn’t get enough water, it may damage your blood vessels. Damaged veins may begin to create small leaks that allow fluid to build up in the surrounding tissue. Common places for this fluid to be collected are around the ankles and feet. Sock marks that appear around your ankles may indicate that your body is dehydrated.

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