3 Body Types and How to Build Muscle Faster for Each of Them

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Your body type can reveal a lot about the inner-workings of your metabolism, as well as your eating habits and your nervous system. There are 3 distinct male body types that all possess unique physical traits: endomorph, ectomorph, mesomorph. There are also combined body types, for example, ecto-mesomorph or endo-mesomorph. No matter which category you fall into, with the appropriate combination of diet and exercise, you can attain the physique you’ve always wanted.

Our team has searched for the most efficient ways of muscle-building that correspond to each of these body types.

Endomorph — rounded body and slow metabolism

Endomorphs store both fat and muscle, but experience difficulty with staying slim. The good news is this body type is predisposed to build strength somewhat easily. Strive for high-intensity interval training and an overall body workout instead of isolated exercises which you can add later on. The most essential are the compound lifts like presses and squats, while you can implement low impact cardio one or 2 times a week. Strongly recommended are swimming and cycling.

Dedicate yourself to intense higher-volume training:

  • Full body training with shorter resting periods
  • Squats
  • Presses
  • Cardio: swimming and cycling

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