20+ Psychological Tricks That Can Help You Read People Like Open Books

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8. Leaning forward

When people like someone and want to make contact with them, they usually lean forward. In this position, the legs can be motionless, but the body moves forward intuitively.

9. Leaning back

If someone leans on the back of their chair, they show that they are tired of the conversation. Perhaps they feel uncomfortable in the presence of the other person.

10. Swinging from heels to toes

Yes, not only kids do it. This shows that a person feels anxious about something.

11. Rubbing hands

It is believed that the hands broadcast what the head is thinking. Rubbing their hands together generally means that a person has a positive feeling about something. They are hopeful. We do this when we are thinking about some benefits coming in the future.

12. “Glove” handshake

If a person takes your wrist with their free hand, they are showing that they can be trusted.

13. Handshake with a palm facing the ceiling

A palm on top of someone else’s hand signals that a person is feeling sympathetic. But this is true only if a person does it instantly. However, if you have held the handshake for some time already and only then does the other person put their hand on top, this may be a sign that they want to tell you who is in charge here.

14. Handshake with a palm facing the floor

If you are holding someone’s hand from below, you want to tell them that you are ready to help.

15. Handshake with a touch

People sometimes touch others with their free hands. They can touch the forearm, the elbow, or the back of the other person. Such an invasion of private space means that a person lacks communication. The closer the touch to the torso, the more the person needs company.

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