17 Impressive Stories When a TV-Show Helped People Lose Weight, and the Results Were Worth the Struggle

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11. Brittani Fulfer

17 Impressive Stories When a TV-Show Helped People Lose Weight, and the Results Were Worth the Struggle

Brittani Fulfer suffered from obesity and she was worried that her husband was disgusted by her. But anyway, she spent 6-8 hours a day on eating food and lying in bed. It was harder to Brittani to lose weight because she had thyroid cancer and problems with her immune system.

This diagnosis that she got when she was 19 years old complicated the process of losing weight even more. But Brittani managed to do it anyway. She did a great job with the assistance of experts and lost 332 lb in 3 years. She overcame her addiction to food and continues to restore her health.

12. Diana Bunch

Diana Bunch grew up in a family with a lot of children. Her mother was often ill and her father lost his job a lot of times. The crisis impacted the atmosphere at home and made Diana feel insecure. She thought that nobody cared about her and that she was completely worthless. The girl dreamed of some attention. At the age of 11, Diana was sexually harassed by 2 teenagers and this stress left an imprint on her personality. She couldn’t tell anyone about what happened and started eating a lot to escape from the problems.

By the age of 40, Diana weighed 335 lb and she lost her job. Her niece did the grocery shopping, and her friend Tracy came several times a week to help her take a bath. After 15 years of such a lifestyle, Diana weighed 600 lb and she stopped walking. She was scared that one day she would go to sleep and never wake up because of her weight, so she decided to fight for her health and life. After very difficult challenges, a surgery, and changing her eating habits, Diana managed to reduce her weight to 222 lb.

13. Zsalynn Whitworth

When Zsalynn Whitworth made a decision to lose weight, her husband didn’t support her. He said that he loved big women and that if his wife would lose weight, he would stop liking her. He even tried to sabotage Zsalynn’s attempts: for example, he refused to buy lettuce for her.

After a year of fighting with extra weight, Zsalynn divorced her husband, met a new love, and continues to improve her health.

14. Lupita Samano

Lupita Samano spent 10 years in bed because of her weight and her husband Gilbert took care of her. But the price of care was constant humiliation, insults, cheating, and drinking. And when Lupita became a participant of the show and started losing weight, her husband’s attitude to her become worse and worse with every pound that she lost. He was really jealous and turned into a very insecure person. Now Lupita weighs 209 lb and she is happy in a new relationship.

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