17 Impressive Stories When a TV-Show Helped People Lose Weight, and the Results Were Worth the Struggle

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7. Susan Farmer

17 Impressive Stories When a TV-Show Helped People Lose Weight, and the Results Were Worth the Struggle

Susan Farmer dreamed of losing extra weight and her giant belly. It was like getting out of a jail she put herself into because of her eating disorder. Susan had a gastric bypass surgery and changed her eating habits with the help of experts. She also started doing regular physical exercises.

As a result, she lost 407 lb. Susan received a lot of support from her friends who let her swim in their pool. After Susan had the extra skin removed, the first thing she bought was jeans. The last time she wore jeans was in middle school.

8. Nikki Webster

Nikki Webster was 33 years old when she realized that she had a deadly addiction to food and her life was in danger. It all started when her parents let her eat whatever she wanted and didn’t control the process. They even sent plates with food to her room. By the age of 33, she weighed 649 lb and she could barely stand and get up without someone’s help.

Only then Nikki’s father took her to the hospital to have a gastric bypass surgery, but she had to lose more than 45 lb on her own before the surgery or she would die. After a course of psychotherapy, she had a new diet and did a lot of exercises. She lost 198 more lb, met a person she fell in love with, got married. Now her weight is 235 lb, she is happy, and she has a healthy lifestyle.

9. Paula Jones

Paula Jones couldn’t escape from her body on her own and she was scared that her children would be left alone soon. Before the gastric bypass surgery, she lost a lot of weight on her own and after the surgery, she weighed 268 lb.

She also had the extra skin removed. Now Paula weighs 198 lb, she continues to eat healthy food, she has an active lifestyle, and she motivates her Instagram subscribers to lose weight and to overcome similar problems.

10. June McKaymee

June McKaymee started gaining weight after her son died. The woman was trying to escape from grief with food and her husband helped her without any objections. He brought his wife giant plates with beef, cheese, sauce, burritos, and nachos, but when June weighed more than 595 lb, he stopped doing this. After that, June was scared and she asked experts for help when she realized that this life-threatening problem needed to be solved. Thanks to the gastric bypass surgery, dieting, physical activity, and psychotherapy, now she weighs 300 lb.

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