15 Crucial Things 85% Couples Forget to Discuss Before Getting Married

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11. “What’s your health and mental health history?”

Being biologically compatible is vital, particularly if both of you are expecting to have kids. At the very least, they could be honest about each others’ physical and mental health history, including that of their respective families. That way, they can mentally prepare for what may come in the future.

12. “Where do you want to live?”

Though this may seem obvious, people might neglect to talk about this before they get married. Whether they should settle in the countryside or the city could make a huge difference in the life they’re about to share. It might also lead to dissatisfaction if one of the spouses wants to live in an apartment and the other dreams of living in a house with a porch out front. Arguments could break out if one expects to live near their friends or family while the other thinks the home is only a temporary abode.

13. “How much time do you want to spend together?”

Even though marriage usually means living together, it doesn’t mean the couple needs to spend all their time together, 24/7. They are still individuals with their own needs. Sometimes, they’ll need to give each other space and have me-time. Some people may want more space than others, so it’s worth knowing what is expected from each other before getting hitched.

14. “What do you want to happen after you die?”

This may be one of the hardest things to bring up, especially when people are just about to celebrate sharing a life together, but it’s crucial to be on the same page. People tend to have a preference of whether they get buried or cremated after they pass away. And everyone has a different opinion on what they want others to do if they’re on life support.

15. “What are your expectations for our social lives?”

Once married, people are expected to show up at certain events together. But sometimes, even married people want to hang out with their friends without their spouses being there. So it may be worth discussing what social events they intend to attend together and who they should get to know once they tie the knot.

What other things should couples discuss before getting married? If you’re married, what did you talk about with your significant other before the wedding?

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