15 Crucial Things 85% Couples Forget to Discuss Before Getting Married

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6. “How will we split our chores?”

Chores might seem like a trivial thing to talk about, but they could be a trigger for a full-blown fight. This is because a person might feel overwhelmed doing all the chores by themselves. To make sure that there’s peace in the house, it would be better to talk about the chores each person is in charge of.

7. “What do you consider cheating?”

We might think that there’s a universal understanding of what cheating involves, but the term could mean different things to different people. For example, one person may think that kissing is cheating, while another might think that just meeting up with an ex is unacceptable. There are also people who think that falling in love with someone else is cheating. Therefore, a couple should talk about how comfortable they are with each other’s closeness to other people to avoid a misunderstanding.

8. “What are your dreams and future plans?”

“Where do you see yourself 5 to 30 years down the road?” This may sound like an interview question, but a person’s aspirations may not fit in with their partner’s idea of what it means to be happily married. For example, one may be willing to struggle as an artist before making it big, and the other may just want a stable life with a steady income. Asking this question could help people to picture what their shared life is going to be like.

9. “What are your deal breakers?”

Everyone has their own pet peeves, and it’s wise to tell each other what they are so that living together will be bearable. For example, a person may have the need to keep everything in order, while the partner may feel more at ease in a more chaotic environment. If these things are discussed early, a compromise could be reached.

10. “How do you plan to care/provide for your parents?”

Parents will get old and perhaps even ill, which means they may need to be taken care of. Decisions like whether or not you want to live with them, who’s going to take care of them, or how much you want to allocate to provide for them are all good to include in the list of things a couple should consider before getting married.

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