12 Deadly Foods People Around the World Love to Eat

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9. Fugu

12 Deadly Foods People Around the World Love to Eat

The blowfish, or Tiger puffer, that is used to cook fugu contains an immense amount of the poison tetrodotoxin. Chefs must undergo special training to learn how to cook it properly and to be able to cut out the poisonous parts. However, even this doesn’t guarantee the full safety of a dish, and every year several people die of fugu poisoning in Japan.

12 Deadly Foods People Around the World Love to Eat

Literally translated from the Sardinian language, its name means “rotten cheese,” which it actually is. Cheese fly maggots seem to add extra spice and an amazing taste. However, the consumption of this dish can cause allergic reactions, food poisoning, and larvae infection.

7. Pangium edule

12 Deadly Foods People Around the World Love to Eat

Pangium edule, or keluak, is neither a fruit nor a nut. In fact, it’s the seed of the keluak tree that is widely used in South Asian cuisine, although the seeds contain hydrogen cyanide. You can eat them only after they have been boiled without their shells and buried in ash and banana leaves for 40 days. Only after this complicated procedure do they become safe for eating, acquiring a special taste and flavor.

6. Crow meat pie

In some parts of Lithuania, crow meat pie isn’t unusual, and it can be recommended for men to boost sexual potency. Within the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian authorities tried to ban this tradition because eating the meat of a nature scavenger can harm your health. However, the infections don’t seem to scare people. According to National Geographic, traditional crow meat pies are still popular.

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