12 Deadly Foods People Around the World Love to Eat

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We understand when you sometimes can’t say “no” to very tasty junk food. But can you explain why some people eat food with a weird smell and bizarre taste? Or why some eat simply dangerous dishes? Some cuisine traditions can hardly be explained.

Our team found 12 deathly dangerous products that are eaten around the planet.

12. Carambola

12 Deadly Foods People Around the World Love to Eat

At first sight, carambola seems to be harmless and even good for your health since it contains a lot of vitamin C. However, people with an ulcer or gastritis better avoid eating this beautiful fruit as it carries a lot of oxalic acid. Healthy people should be attentive too because it may cause kidney problems if eaten regularly.

11. Feseekh

12 Deadly Foods People Around the World Love to Eat

This smelly Egyptian delicacy is a fermented mullet fish. For thousands of years after the Nile flooded, there was a lot of dead fish on the riverbanks. Nowadays, feseekh has become a traditional dish of the national holiday of Sham el-Nessim. The Ministry of Health warns people about the deathly consequences of eating this dish, but the love for traditional food is very strong.

10. Bullfrog

A giant bullfrog is considered a delicacy in African and Asian cuisine, and the legs are very popular. When cooked right, this dish is not dangerous. However, you need to remember that the frog’s skin and inner organs are poisonous. There have been cases with fatal consequences when a bullfrog was mixed with other more poisonous frogs.

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