11 Early Warning Signs You May Have Already Had Covid-19 Without You Realizing

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You felt lousy, you had trouble breathing—did you have Covid-19? Here’s what the experts say you should look for if you think you’ve been infected.

With all the reports about the spread of Covid-19, are you looking back and wondering if that flu-like illness you had in mid-February was actually the novel coronavirus? If so, you’re not alone—and yes, you could have had it.

The Covid-19 outbreak began in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. So far, there have been more than 5.6 million documented cases of the respiratory illness confirmed around the globe, according to Johns Hopkins University. The first confirmed case in the United States was on January 20, 2020, in the state of Washington, according to a case study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The first documented “community spread” in the United States happened in late February. Community spread refers to a Covid-19 diagnosis in someone who did not travel to countries with the virus or come into contact with a known sick person, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). But researchers have since found deaths from the virus in areas of the country far from Washington State that occurred well before community spread. What this all means is the virus was circulating before we realized it, and most likely more people have been exposed than anyone thought.

Here are 11 silent signs that you may have been infected with Covid-19 and what you can do about it now. (Spoiler alert: Get an antibody test.)

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