10 Useless Parts of Your Body That Evolution Is Dealing With

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It’s clear that our body did not get to look the way it does today without some kind of change. As you might know, it’s actually the result of years and years of what we call evolution. Because our ancestors changed their daily habits in order to adapt to some changes in their environment, throughout the years their body responded by adapting to their new needs. Ever since prehistoric times, it has not stopped evolving, changing, and adapting. But the funny thing is that no matter how much time has passed, there are still some parts of our body that are not very useful for us with our current lifestyle. What they really do, is reveal tons of information about our past…

I want to introduce you to 10 parts of the human body that might have been useful to our ancestors, but today they are not very useful anymore, and our body knows it.

1. Long palmar muscle

10 Useless Parts of Your Body That Evolution Is Dealing With

Some people might not have something called the long palmar muscle, and they could even have lived a long time without knowing this about themselves. But don’t worry if you belong to this group of people, you’re not missing out on anything! Actually, even those who have it might be unaware of its existence, and for good reason. But before explaining why, let’s go over how you can figure out if you have this muscle. It’s very easy: try touching your little finger to your thumb while moving your palm toward your face. If you do have it, you should be able to see the muscle rise, a bit like a tendon in your arm.

If you are one of the “privileged” ones from who has this muscle, you’re probably wondering what it’s used for… Well, nothing. All evidence points to the fact that it’s actually just something we’ve inherited from our ancestors. Of course, they used this muscle all the time. But ever since using thumbs became a thing (a long time ago), the long palmar muscle became useless. Except that it’s still there, in the same place, doing nothing. It’s just sort of a vestige.

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