10 Unexpected Signs of Aging That Show Your Age Before Any Wrinkles

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6. People often ask you to hurry up

The fact that you often find it hard to keep up with your friends’ pace can also indicate the acceleration of the aging process in your body. The speed of walking is a very objective indicator of the work of your leg muscles and the speed of the transmission of nerve impulses. These are the main factors that lead to aging in the first place. However, they can both be treated by taking regular walks and an increased number of workouts during the week.

7. Improper work of vestibular apparatus

10 Unexpected Signs of Aging That Show Your Age Before Any Wrinkles

The partial loss of physical balance is a sign of the aging process too. For example, it’s a scientifically proven fact that by the age of 80, an average person experiences almost a complete loss of the ability to stand on one leg with one’s eyes closed.

There’s a simple test based on this fact that could help you evaluate the speed of the aging processes going on inside your body:

  • Stand still on an even floor with your legs close to each other and close your eyes;
  • Raise your leg and bend it at the knee — the left one if you’re right-handed and the right one if you’re left-handed;
  • Use a stopwatch to see how long you’re able to stand in this position until you lose your balance.

An average 30-year-old person who doesn’t have any serious problems with their vestibular apparatus will be able to stand for 20 seconds or more. While an elderly person won’t be able to stand for even 10 seconds.

8. Flat forehead

10 Unexpected Signs of Aging That Show Your Age Before Any Wrinkles

Of course, external signs of aging are easy to notice. However, a few people know that not only wrinkles can reveal your age but also an absolutely flat forehead. Such an effect is the result of the fat tissue atrophy — it makes the forehead lose its form while it can still be pretty smooth and wrinkle-free.

As a result, the forms of lights and shadows change the face and it looks older than a person really is. The situation worsens with the correction of horizontal wrinkles with Botox injections that promote the fat tissue atrophy.

9. Flattening of the lip philtrum

10 Unexpected Signs of Aging That Show Your Age Before Any Wrinkles

Lips tend to lose their natural bright color with age, so many women use lipstick, permanent lip makeup, or injections to combat the issue. But there’s a sign that can’t be dealt that easily — a gradual flattening of the lip filtrum.

Filtrum is an area under the nose with 2 separate ridges right under the upper lip. It’s a very important area in the whole structure of the female face. When you’re young, it’s clearly visible but it might start to gradually disappear with age and in old age, it disappears completely.

10. Anhedonia

10 Unexpected Signs of Aging That Show Your Age Before Any Wrinkles

This Latin word is often used to explain the feeling of the loss of happiness or the inability to enjoy life. If you feel that you don’t feel as excited as you used to about your hobbies, here’s a food for thought. However, the same symptoms might accompany not only the aging process but depression and exhaustion.

Anyhow, you shouldn’t come up with new excuses to avoid meeting your friends, going to the movie you’ve been waiting for, or enjoying the things you used to like. Just pay attention to what’s going on with you. Being sad won’t make your life shorter but it will definitely spoil its quality. Don’t let it happen.

What do you think gives away a person’s age? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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