10 Unexpected Beauty Treatments You Can Get On Your Lunch Hour

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Get a liquid nose job

If you’ve ever thought about what you would look like with a different nose, but are a bit under-the-knife shy (or you can’t take a couple of weeks off work), this may be your best bet. The non-surgical nose job, or “liquid rhinoplasty” is an alternative to a traditional rhinoplasty and uses injectable fillers such as Radiesse to smooth out bumps and humps and, at times, correct breathing issues. “As compared with surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty saves time, money, and pain,” explains Dara Liotta, MD, FACS, a plastic surgeon in New York City. “For most patients, there is essentially no downtime. The best part? This treatment only takes ten to 15 minutes, however results generally last from six months to two years,” she says.

Get a vampire facial—for your scalp

Another side effect of aging can be hair loss. Whether it’s going or already gone, there are quick in-office treatments you can do in no time. “Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is newer therapy for hair loss,” says Sejal Shah, MD, a dermatologist based New York City. “It is injected into the areas of thinning on the scalp. The growth factors and other proteins in the platelets nourish the hair follicle and stimulate hair growth.” The entire procedure from start to finish generally takes about 30 minutes and you can expect to start seeing results anywhere between four and eight months.

Lighten up, with light therapy

Many people have stubborn areas of fat that seem impossible to lose, but did you know that you can eliminate some bulge in less time than it takes to get to work? SculpSure is a non-surgical laser treatment for the reduction of persistent pockets of fat like love handles or a muffin top. “SculpSure targets and permanently destroys these fat cells without surgery, downtime, redness or pain,” explains Dennis Gross, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and dermatological surgeon based in New York City. “It’s the newest, non-surgical, 25 minute procedure that uses light-based technology to permanently destroy up to 24 percent of fat per treatment.”

Zap that zit

Next time you feel a big pimple coming on before a hot date or big presentation at work, consider getting a cortisone injection during your lunch hour. This quick in-office treatment is the surefire way to zap a zit in no time says Eric Schweiger, MD, a dermatologist based in New York City, and founder of Schweiger Dermatology Group. “A cortisone injection is the best and quickest way to bring down inflammation from an oncoming blemish in about 24 hours.”

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