10 Things Dermatologists Refuse To Put On Their Hands

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Dermatologists share the specific things they avoid—like certain soaps—for healthy, younger-looking hands year-round.

How to take care of your hands

Taking good care of your hands starts with soap and water, but that definitely isn’t the end of good hand care. In fact, dermatologists make sure not to use the following things on their hands—here’s why you shouldn’t either.

Antibacterial soap

“When I’m not at work, I avoid hand sanitizers that contain triclosan because there’s a risk of increasing the growth of multidrug-resistant bacteria—so-called superbugs. Triclosan can also cause significant skin irritation and dryness in many (including me). What do I use instead? Cetaphil bar soap.” Michelle Henry, MD, a dermatologist at Laser and Skin Surgery Center of New York.

Salon manicures

“I avoid nail polish. It’s partly because I see a lot of eyelid rashes from polish (the thick skin of the hands often doesn’t react, but this more delicate site can). And it’s partly because I’ve seen too much (mild to horrific infections from nail salons that don’t properly sterilize tools). What I do swear by for my hands: Bloxsun Sun Gloves with UV protection. I wear them in the car so I don’t need to bother with sunscreen. (I hate the tiny sun spots on my hands! I’ve been lasering them off and don’t want them to come back.)” —Laurel Geraghty, MD, a beauty-editor-turned-dermatologist in Medford, Oregon.

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