10 Terrific Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

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Contrary to popular belief, drinking a cup of coffee makes your power nap more effective. While there are many well-known health hacks, some like these are relatively unknown and seem counter-intuitive.

To make your life wonderful, Our team made a collection of such less-known health hacks. Some might seem counterintuitive, but they surely work like a charm!

1. At night go to the toilet with one eye closed.

10 Terrific Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

Going to the toilet in the middle of the night after well having fallen asleep can sometimes wreak havoc on your sleep. This is because after waking up when you switch on the lights to go to the toilet the sudden bright light makes the brain to assume that it is morning time, and that switches off your sleep.

Therefore by keeping just one eye open you are minimizing the amount of light that enters your retina and signals your brain. After you are done with your toilet business, you will be able to fall asleep very fast.

2. Pulling on your ears can have a range of health benefits.

10 Terrific Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

Pulling on your ears has health benefits. Reflexology tells us that there are pressure points all across our ears that can help to alleviate many health problems, from easing a headache to improving your digestion.

You can ease minor pains by pressing and pulling the following points on your ears that correspond to different areas of the body:

1. Back and shoulders

2. Various organs

3. Joints

4. Nasal sinuses and throat

5. Digestion

6. Head and heart

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