10 Killer Workouts That Burn More Fat Than Running

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Yoga for Weight Loss – 40 Minute Fat-Burning Yoga Workout

Yoga isn’t designed only for relaxing. This workout incorporates positions that help you strengthen your core. It also helps stimulate your digestive system.

When the food that you eat can be processed properly in the gut, you may be able to lose weight more efficiently.

Doing yoga can also help you be more mindful of your body and breath. It can help reduce levels of stress hormones that can cause belly fat to accumulate.

You can do this video even if you’re a beginner. The instructor explains every movement so that you don’t have to watch the screen as you move. She even tells you how to adjust certain exercises if they feel too difficult.

Burst Training On The Treadmill

If you’re dead set on running, this routine claims to burn the most fat in the shortest amount of time. Dr. Axe claims that it burns 3 to 9 times more fat than regular running.

It requires you to run as hard as you can for 10 seconds. To maximize the effects, jump off the treadmill, planting your feet on the sides in between sprints. Just don’t fall off!

You can play around with the speed and incline to push yourself even harder. Maintain proper form, and pump your arms as you run.

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